Weather Station

This page is dedicated to the Fine Offset 1080 weather station.


Weather Station - Location On the Roof !

I've had one of these Maplin weather stations for some years now, and they are well worth the money, especially when used with the free Cumulus software

In February 2014 I relocated the wind sensors for the weather station. Well actually it was a friend with a long ladder who did the actual fitting. The reasoning behind this was due to the roof being blown off the houses a few doors down. Their insurance company disputed their claim as the wind speed recorded by official means wasn't over 55 mph. At the time they lost the roof the wind speed was recorded by my station was 39mph but that was in the cover of our back garden, so plans were made to locate the sensors on the roof, where they will be fully exposed to the true power of the wind. The cables were extended using 4 core alarm cable, and two new RJ11 connectors crimped on the ends. The end result can be seen in the image on the right.

The results have been quite interesting so far. December 2013 to February 2014 have seen one storm after another, and since the relocation of the sensors on February 1st we've recorded a gust of over 60 mph - Just goes to show how well the garden is sheltered.


The Center contains several external sensors, a remote sender and indoor base unit. The remote sender transmits data over a wireless link to the base station, which can then download the data to the software on a PC via a usb cable. The cost varies depending if the item is on promotion, but is typically less than £80.

The base station has a touch screen, and setting the date etc is simplicity. The unit is powered by three AA batteries which last around 12-14 months. The remote unit uses two AA, and it's worth using good quality batteries, which should last upwards of two years.