RC Cars & Tanks

A good few years ago whilst visiting the annual Sandown Model Show, my wife was really taken by the 1/6th scale model RC tanks. However at almost £3000 each these were well out of our price range. A quick search on the net and we discovered that Tamyia produce some really excellent 1/16th scale RC tanks, but at £750 they were still really out of our budget.

The weeks went by and then on one of the forums I had lurked around on I saw that a guy was selling a new kit (un-opened) and it just happened to be the Persing that I was looking for to boot ! At a price of £450 it represented excellent value for money as it also had all the RC units as well. So we made contact, and set off to meet the guy half way in Poole, Dorset that afternoon. The deal was done and we returned home with our new toy, eager to get cracking on the assembly.

These kits are a work of art and the attention
to detail is fantastic. It combines the fun of a giant airfix kit and building
a heli with lots of bolts and screws etc to put together. The picture right
shows the tank after all the wheels had been fitted, and you can see the torsion bar suspension system fitted. The long square section bar running front to back anchors all the springs which in turn are connected to struts that support the wheels.

The front wheels in the foreground use a sprung damper similar to that on a car to provide the suspension and take the knocks when hitting an object at speed.

All the wheels require assembly, typically there are some eight to ten components per wheel.It too two evenings just to get the tank to the stage you see here.

A few evenings later and we have the chassis completed and all the electronics installed.

The large black box contains the sound module with the speaker grill visable to the right. Behind the sound module you can see one of the two 540 class motors, yes this tank has two powerful 540 motors and two gearboxes, both of which require assembly.

Moving forward the white items in the front centre of the picture are the battery connections and Y harness. The tank came with 1 x 6 cell 1800 maH ni-cad which is fitted below these connections.

Behind these connectors is one of the two electronic modules, the second of which is fitted below. One of these units control the motion of the tank with built in speed controllers for both motors. The other module controls the machine gun firing, main gun firing and other options. Effectively you get 7 control operations from a standard 4 channel radio set.

The completed (well almost) tank. I still need to add the finishing details, remember I said that this is like an Airfix kit, well there are a number of amo boxes, spare track sections and even a spade to make, paint and attach to the model. You even get a tank commander to assemble, paint and if required, placed in the hatch in the turret.

If you are seriously looking for something different to model then I would recommend you look at one of these tanks. I took it on a building site and it managed to clime a pile of soil the size of a house ! and then it ran on for about a 3rd of a mile over pavements before the battery finally gave out. With a larger capacity battery I'm sure you would get a good hour of run time over all terrain.

Having an interest in RC models has its perks. A guy picked up a couple of Tamyia cars, each having bits missing, with a view to making up one good car from the sum of all the parts. I did this for him and when he asked what I wanted as payment I asked for the bits left over, which he agreed.

I then fitted a motor and speed controller from a model boat, and spent about £30 on a nice set of wheels and a new body. As the car was going to be for my son to use, he chose the body, and as you can see it had to be a Nissan Skyline.

I think you'll agree it looks a real stunner