This site originated back in 2001 after I purchased my first micro heli (Ikarus Piccolo) and began learning to fly helicopters. It then evolved ( as I did) to cover my further interest in RC helicopters and other RC models such as tanks and boats, together with my son's interest in RC cars the site soon filled up with lots of info. Since then its expanded and now covers all my hobbies and interests, something of a blog but still very much based on RC and Modeling interests. I'm hoping that the trend will continue and that the site will still be of interest to all those who visit it. I welcome any comments or requests and try to reply within 48 hrs of receiving e-mails.


Things happen in three's - Really !!  

Well my apologies for not updating this site for so long. I had planned on maintaining the site on a regular basis, but life meant that it was low on my priorities.

The first major thing is that my mother, who is now 93 (at the time of writing this in 2017) and suffers from dementia needed to go into a care home, so we've been through the process of the assessment procedure, choosing a home and making the move, which involved handing back the keys to the council house she had lived in for 67 years.

The second thing, which happened shortly after getting mother settled into the care home, is that I fractured the base of my fibula and have been in plaster for seven weeks, and a splinted boot for a further four weeks. So just when mother wanted the support of regular visits I was grounded as I can not drive.

Whilst my foot was in plaster the third thing happened. Mother suffered a fall and was rushed into hospital. Following scans and an x-ray she underwent an operation for a hip replacement. Pleased to say that she's a tough old bird and is doing really well and is now back at the care home.

The the fourth thing... so much for things happening in threes ! - My 6 core FX6100 based PC slowly died over the course of a few days - taking ages to boot, and rendering videos took days rather than hours. It's done me well since 2011, but it was obvious that it was time to upgrade things. Now this is at a time when cash was tight as my company don't pay sick pay, and the consultants have signed me off due to a few complications with the fracture, so the timing couldn't have come at a worse time. I started looking at options to replace processors using the old main board, but in the end it became obvious that the upgrade would be major with new components. Fortunately, I was able to sell the prototype lighting controller and had a refund from overpayments to our income protection provider, so with a bit of encouragement from the wife money was parted and a new main board, Ryzen 5 1500X processor, 16GB of DDR 4 RAM, 2GB RX560 graphics card and a super fast M.2 SSD was purchased. I'll let you know how well it performs when it's completed.


Video Camera


Back in March 2017 I had the urge to get back into the hobby of making video recordings and opted to upgrade the 15 year old camcorder. The old one wasn't even 16:9 wide screen let along HD !

So after a lot of deliberation, and to future proof myself, I opted for a 4K Panasonic HC-VX870, and have been very pleased with what it's produced so far. I've added a Rode microphone, and a couple of accessories, and purchased Power Director 15 to do the editing with. This was also one of the reasons I chose to build a new PC rather than try and upgrade the old.

I have a Youtube channel where content is uploaded - please feel free to have a look and subscribe