This site originated back in 2001 after I purchased my first micro heli (Ikarus Piccolo) and began learning to fly helicopters. It then evolved ( as I did) to cover my further interest in RC helicopters and other RC models such as tanks and boats, together with my son's interest in RC cars the site soon filled up with lots of info. Since then its expanded and now covers all my hobbies and interests, something of a blog but still very much based on RC and Modeling interests. I'm hoping that the trend will continue and that the site will still be of interest to all those who visit it. I welcome any comments or requests and try to reply within 48 hrs of receiving e-mails.


Vivarium controller  

Well my apologies for not updating this site for so long. I should really try and keep this site more up to date. Anyway, lets rectify this by detailing the latest upgrade to the vivarium controller.

I've now completed my MKIII unit which has humidity sensors and a nice large GLCD screen. To read up on the build click on the thermostat project link on the left


I've also built a single channel version. It does everything the four channel version does, but just as a single channel pulse proprtional stat rather than four stats.
Breeding Program

Royal Pythons

After keeping Royal Pythons for over 20 years I have finally managed to get an adult pair to breeding age and condition this year. In November 2014 I started reducing the evening temperatures, and then from January 2015 started to introduce the male to the female. Well looks like my male did the business as the female ovulated in mid July, and is more or less doing what she should do according to various web sites on breeding royals.


She had been very restless over the past few days and would often lay inverted under the heater for a while from time to time, and then this morning this is what greeted us this morning, exactly 30 days after she has her pre-lay shed. Seven large eggs are now in the incubator and hopefully the next update will when the eggs hatch and babies are out.


Due to issues with the incubation, only one baby snake hatched. She took a while to get feeding, but strike fed four weeks after coming out of the egg. The good news is that she is a lesser platinum like the father, so a little bit more special than a normal wild pattern morph.