Website Links - RC Model Related

- OTW designs - offer a wonderful range of scale RC submarines, with exceptional eye for detail.
- Angenoir's site - dedicated to Airwolf. Current projects include an Airwolf using Eco 8 mechanics
- Mark Pearson's - excellent web site, and host of the Electric Helicopter Beginner’s Guide. Interesting projects too
- Bob Martin's - excellent site devoted to RC Subs - some really interesting projects and further links to sub related sites
- Amain Hobbies RC retailer in the US

Forums and Message Boards

- R/C Discussion group - For everything RC - this link takes you to Electric Helicopters
- Pic Basic Pro - Excellent active forum for all matters related to PicBASIC Pro
- Sub-sim - Active forums and info on naval simulations and games

- LB Forum - Active forum supporting FS2 fishing simulator

Resources and Affiliated Sites

- Model Fixings - All the nuts, bolts and fasteners you'll need
- Modeltek - Produce a nice card cobra body for the Piccolo
- SABRE - Design, Tooling and Components, excellent CNC service
- Eagle Tree Systems - manufacture of an in flight data logging system

Misc Websites worth listing