New Flight Sim Launched  

Being a regular poster on RC - Groups I spotted a post on the simulator forum from a guy in Belgium. Davy had spent 8 months writing a flight sim in .NET ( and had released the beta version for public testing. Being a keen fan of flight sims I downloaded the exe and gave it a shot.

After some initial issue with DirectX I had the application running and on first impressions I was very pleased with the smoothness and realistic way the models flew. At the time of writing this update there are still several issues to be resolved and the community on RC - Groups have provided Davy with a lot of things to address to improve the capabilities but I must admit I found it hard to put down my TX that night, the application had just the right amount of game play and fun.

I place this sim well up in the top 5 in terms of realism. It uses a mixture of computer generated graphics for trees etc and photo realistic sky. This makes it a change from all these sims that follow XTR with the full photo realistic images. I'm sure that when this sim is developed further it will take its place in amongst the ranks of XTR, Realflight and AFPD, but don't take my word for it, check out the video on the right and I'll think you'll agree.

For more info I suggest visiting Davy's web site