Programming - PIC Micros  

After a lot of deliberation I finally got round to purchasing one of the Mikrobasic EasyPIC boards, the EasyPIC5 as show on the right. I still use Pic BASIC pro but this board has made developing projects a breeze. The software for loading the compiled HEX into the chip is very easy to use, and although it looks complicated the board is easy to configure. I've not got the touch screen shown in the image, but did opt for the 16 x 2 LCD and a few other sensors and connection boards. I'm looking forward to a lot of experimentation with what this board has to offer and have a few projects in mind for those cold winter nights !

For anyone thinking of getting into PIC programming (MikroEklectronica do more than just PICs, so its worth checking out their site) this would be the best option. The amount of money I've spent on solderless breadboards, programmers, etc probably equates to more or less what this board cost me, which if you buy direct is exempt from duty and VAT as its an educational product. and given the exchange rate at the time I saved 1/3 of the cost compared to purchasing from the UK distributors.

The board has a built in USB programmer, RS232 coms section, PS2 Keyboard ports, USB ports so you can use some of the new USB chips, and A/D sections. There are other advance options such as the graphics screen shown, and all the pins down the right side allow direct connection to the outside world. All in all a nice bit of kit.