Cat Survival Trust ( Charity no 272187 )

My two daughters came home very excited the other day. Their Head Teacher has invited them to come and see her cats, so what was special about this I thought, well it turns out she keeps some big cats !

These cats include Snow Leopards, which happen to be one of my personal favorites. We spent a good hour walking around the venue and chatting to one of the keepers, Rob. It transpires that they run a charity that takes surplus offspring, or non-exhibitable cats from zooz and private collections, and fund this via private membership and profits from an on-site farm shop. Individual membership cost just £7 plus £2 enrolment fee (first year only) or just £12 for family membership (plus £2 enrolment fee).

More information can be found at the Cat Survival Trust website, and I urge to to check it out.