This page will feature all the non hobby project that I spend my time on, or places I visit that I think worth sharing. Its really my personal page, a typical "home page" :-)


I blame my father for this.

In conversation he stated that years ago he had disposed of an old Ransom Ajax push mower and now wished he had kept it as it really kept the lawn neat and tidy and was better than the other mowers he has.

I then went home and trawled the web only to find that they have been out of production since 1972. So I thought e-bay was worth a look and I came across one that was in good condition. My bid was successful and after a little trip to Woking (120 miles round trip) to collect it, I surprised my father with a replacement mower. To say he was over the moon was an understatement !.

It was whilst browsing the listings that I came across the motor mower on the left, and it was only in the next town. I placed my bid and won the auction - £5.51 !!

It was advertised as "untested" and on collection was pleased to find that the motor turned over and the blades had movement in them. The next day was spent cleaning (the image left was taken before I cleaned it up) and lubricating the machine. However I couldn't a spark at first, but after a new plug and some intensive cleaning of the points she fired up a treat :-)

Now my lawns look better than ever and for a total investment of less than a tenner !


The mower as advertised: Untested so it was a bit of a gamble, but at £5.51 I didn't have much to loose if I couldn't get it to work and ended up skipping it.

Yes its old but I feel great having managed to give this ol' gal a new lease of life instead of rusting away in an old barn