Odds, Sods and bits and bobs

This page is where I'll archive some of the old news and events.


April - October 2017  


Shortly after getting mother settled into a care home in April, I fractured the base of my fibula and was in plaster for seven weeks, and a splinted boot for a further four weeks. The fracture took a long time to heal, hence the length of time I was in a cast, and the damage to the liganemt and tendons resulted in extended physio sessions until the end of October. I still walk with a limp as mobility in one or two directions is still restricted - Must be an age thing !

Whilst my foot was in plaster the third thing happened. Mother suffered a fall and was rushed into hospital. Following scans and an x-ray she underwent an operation for a hip replacement. Pleased to say that she's a tough old bird and is doing really well and is now back at the care home.

Whilst signed off by the hospital my employer chose to terminate my employment. Whilst this isn't ideal, we're currently coping financially. However I can't say I miss the job, nor the people. Most of the people who worked there tended to be self centred and never really part of a team experience. There was no fairness, one person could make a trivial mistake and be humiliated in front of all the other staff members by one of the Directors, others got away with mistakes that cost the company a stack of money and were sympathized with or had excuses made for them, yet if it had been anyone else they would be facing a disciplinary ! - One rule for one.... etc - To be honest I'm a lot happier in myself since leaving, and have a different outlook on life

So the past 6 months have been quite eventful !


New PC

The machine is fantastic. Boots in less than 20 seconds, renders 4K video without breaking into a sweat, and is very quiet.

Here's the build video:


Video Camera


Back in March 2017 I had the urge to get back into the hobby of making video recordings and opted to upgrade the 15 year old camcorder. The old one wasn't even 16:9 wide screen let along HD !

So after a lot of deliberation, and to future proof myself, I opted for a 4K Panasonic HC-VX870, and have been very pleased with what it's produced so far. I've added a Rode microphone, and a couple of accessories, and purchased Power Director 15 to do the editing with. This was also one of the reasons I chose to build a new PC rather than try and upgrade the old.

I have a Youtube channel where content is uploaded - please feel free to have a look and subscribe