The first "real" clone of the Piccolo was the Century Hummingbird. The first version was a fixed pitch helicopter, and came with Century's own version of the Picoboard which mixed the tail and main motor speed controllers, but unlike the Picoboard didn't contain a built in gyro. However latter version have included the gyro as part of the same unit.

Unlike the Piccolo, the Hummingbird has developed passed the basic helicopter, with several revisions and a host of upgrades available, with the 3D capable CP Pro as Century's Hummingbird flagship. I personally own an Elite CP which was purchased second hand from a private sale via the BMFA classified section. I must say, compared to the Piccolo CP the Hummingbird wins hands down, as the Hummingbird uses true 120 CCPM for pitch rather than the weak pitch slider employed by Ikarus on the Piccolo Pro.

Century also produced some nice ready to fly scale version, including a Bell 222, Airwolf, and a really nice looking BK117. However unlike the Ikarus 222 / Airwolf the Hummingbird version does not feature working retractable U/C. But unlike the Ikarus bodies for the Piccolo, the Hummingbird models do actually fly well using stock equipment. To get the Ikarus 222 to fly the same way you need a brushless motor and li-po batteries.